Jon’s bday at the Black Cow

A good night overall but underwhelmed by the steaks at the Black Cow in Launceston, Tassie. We started the evening with tasty oysters, natural with lemon cheeks, and a nice glass of rose sparkling. Jon says they were f’ing good. The menu had a lot of promise with every cut and side you could dream of… but we should have known given the offer for a variety of mustards and sauces to top it off. The eye fillet, the Aussie version of filet mignon, was tender and full of flavor. The porterhouse (closer to a NY strip in Oz and one of my favorites), however, was sadly dry and flavorless. We finished with a rather odd dessert, a mascerated strawberry buried in a birds nest served along side panna cotta and strawberry gelatin, and an ordinary flat white decaf, yes decaf! We enjoyed the service and atmosphere. Tasting through the mustards and horse radish was fun, the rocket salad with pine nuts and parma was a nice combo and we were pleased to have been turned onto a beautiful Aussie cab (Voyager Estate from Mornington Peninsula). We may give it another go if we’re ever back to test out the Rib Eye, but all in, we were left a bit disappointed.

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